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The ROCK MACHINE M.C. was formed in Montreal in the mid 80's quickly spreading across Canada. The club was formed by bikers looking for real Brotherhood, dedication and trust amongst themselves and to show that there were people who would rather stand up and fight rather than be extorted and bullied. To show they were a different breed, the original members wore rings made from either gold or sterling silver with the clubs signature Eagle head on it along with the ROCK MACHINE name instead of the traditional three piece patch in the beginning.

By 1991 the club had grown to the point where not only the government but also other motorcycle clubs took notice. By that time the ROCK MACHINE had opened up a support group called the Palmers and also had formed a coalition of other like minded clubs and individuals called the Dark Circle becoming the premiere motorcycle club in Canada.

In 1994 there was a leadership change stemming from a large bust. 1994 began a violent time for the ROCK MACHINE and for the next three years we defended ourselves from our enemies and the heat brought by the Canadian government until peace was made in 1997.

Then, in early 2000 the majority of the ROCK MACHINE decided to patch over to the American based Bandido M.C. Not all were happy about the move. Some defected to other clubs and some who were on the street and some who were locked down stayed loyal to the ROCK MACHINE and never gave up.

By 2007, due in part to a heinous tragedy in sheddon Ontario in 2006, the Canadian Brothers feeling betrayed decided to go back to there roots and proper home.

In early 2008 the ROCK MACHINE was once again the talk of Canada and all the Brothers were home again. 2008 also saw the opening of the first of many Australian and Canadian chapters. In 2010 the first chapter in Europe/Germany was founded by a former bandidos member. We are an old school club with an old school attitude, we give what we get.